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With several coordinated date night settings, they have been one of the most successful Jewish dating services in the romance industry to date.While finding a new love interest can be exhausting and leave you on the verge of giving up, do not give up just yet.With just enough time to discuss professions, hobbies, interests and expectations, singles can leave the night with a special someone in mind that they mutually connect with.After the scheduled speed dating has concluded, head on to the cash bar and mingle some more.In those analog days, you had to call a 1-900 number to “hear the voice behind the ad,” after entering the four-number code at the end of their listing.You could also send a handwritten letter of response (and photo) to a P. box; the recipient would decide what to do with you after reading your note and gazing upon your studly/sultry visage. ) I scoured a bunch of “Strictly Personals” ads from issues of New York published in 19 (more than 20 years ago, unbelievably; a digital lifetime ago), collecting those that gave the best sense of how we did things back then, and some that I just found hilarious.

Why limit to yourself in one first date, when you can experience several brief first dates in the matter of an hour.Trust a reliable Jewish dating service, and attend this Jewish dating Washington DC event brought to you by Professionals in the City.Lucky Days Software - Based on your day and time of birth. (In 1992, when this ad ran, that was a line, with a two-line minimum.) So this woman, whose missive goes on for 17 lines, shows that she’s very much willing to invest in the right guy (1! Seeks responsible, full-time employed man, 28–45, who believes that ultimately the purpose of life is to make the world a better place and is at least a little troubled by the concept of abortion. Then, a life of luxury, sensuality and excitement can be yours with this dynamic, wealthy, 31-year-old, Jewish-Australian business tycoon. Brown-Eyed Girl — Attractive, long-legged Jewish woman, MD, with passion for rock & roll, Szechuan food, romantic comedies and the Stairmaster, seeking handsome professional man who can make me laugh. Single Jewish male, 29, Cornell grad, muscular, 6’, nonsmoker. ), should he be findable via the personals and her words. Somewhere Over the Rainbow — This Tin Man — a sweet, sincere, leading CEO with sterling character, devilishly handsome, heart of gold, body of steel, young, fit, tall, with multiple facets/degrees/residences/millions, lots of fun — seeks his Dorothy under 37.

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