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Memory was very important in ancient times when man hadn't yet learned to read or write.

It was the only way to pass knowledge and our cultural know-how from generation to generation.

The book presents the similarity between the art of remembering and synesthesia, which is a neurological condition that enables a person to visualize (and in some cases smell) every word in a sentence or every event that takes place in his/her life, enabling people with synesthesia to have excellent memories.

The memory palace technique that Joshua talks about in his book is based on the mimicking the state of synesthesia by visualizing everything you see or hear.

Fast paced music gets your heart pumping and every single cell in your body ready to get creative. Once your creativity muse deems you worthy, she’ll come to you. If you only have fast paced pop/rock songs, your mind will shut down from exhaustion.

Intersperse that rapid flow of music with a graceful waltz or relaxing cello solo to give your mind a jig.

If you’ve ever tapped creativity, you’ll know when you’re in The Zone. Sometimes, a favourite song comes up, and I stop everything to just listen and mouth the words (discreetly of course. Sometimes, I don’t even want to listen to any music. I take it as a sign to go do some other stuff, like organising my desk or go wash my face. I’ve enjoyed a high rate of success with this method though.

Our memories have evolved to remember things that we can see or visualize - a tiger in a jungle was dangerous to a man living in the medieval ages and he better remember how a tiger looks.On the physical side, music charges you up by waking the mind and energising your body.Ever tapped your feet to the beat of a favourite song? Listening to music allows you to actively pursue creativity yet keep a fairly light chase. You need to have fast paced and slow soothing and everything in between.I don’t know many of the lyrics of my songs, but the tune becomes familiar.It might even be better if you don’t know the lyrics, since the words might clutter your mind, particularly if you’re trying to write.

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