Dating regular people

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We went to bridge clubs, we went to libraries, we went to bookstores, we tried to go to places that weren’t necessarily top-level meat-market destinations. We, as individuals, are often on Tinder or an equivalent type of dating app, and we think we know what we’re looking for. He should be this tall, he should have this color skin, he should be more or less within this weight range, his job should allow me to think that he makes between this and this, he should live in this borough of New York City.

And if he’s all of those things, because I’m a straight woman, I’ll swipe. So I asked our daters to just trust meeting a stranger. ” Because those questions need to be asked at the table in conversation. Casting was really hard because we were looking for people who wouldn’t normally do this, and that doesn’t just mean people that might not trust an outfit like Netflix.

I’d say no, and I’d say no, and I was so sure of myself that I was right that I never wanted to do another one.

We got along really well in our interview and I said to them, “I am interested if you will let me work with gay people, and especially with older people.” It’s never what the creators of shows or buyers of shows are interested in doing, investigating the stories of people who aren’t traditional television fodder.

That was the thing that surprised me the most, the number of people who were like, “I never thought I’d be approached to be on a dating show.

I’m a gay guy.” Or, “I’m a lesbian.” The lesbians were even more stressed than the gay guys were.

Seniors, not older people who are 40 like me, : Audiences, whether they realize it or not, are ready for a new type of unscripted television.

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Even the directors were people who came from more scripted and cinematic background.

We didn’t want to present a cast you’d see on every other reality dating show out there.

We wanted to offer up a diversity of the characters — different backgrounds, different ethnicities, gay, straight, a whole range of different people.

The way we approached the music wasn’t the traditional reality-show cues.

The post-production things were obviously done distinctly different from other shows.

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