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Take your high school jersey and your woman’s wedding dress away from me. I love so much the image of the house sneezing out all the useless junk, like so many motes of dust. The separate journeys you and your wife now face will each be far more difficult than a sneeze or a simple farewell.

I hope you are each able to find your way to the help you need.

But at no point in our relationship has Paige ever lorded these things over me—we keep playing chess and I learn to be more patient in my moves, we keep going out to memorize poems and my slowness means we get to take longer walks.

If your beloved is making you feel defective or lesser than them, maybe it’s time for you to take the example of Davis’s speaker and send him a list of your own. I recently told her that I needed to move out of the house we shared because it was making me physically and emotionally ill.

But oftentimes, this leaves me feeling left in the dust, like I am less than him, like I am a shadow in the wake of his constant transformation into a better self.

Even when we pursue our mutual hobbies and interests together (even ones I know I’m quite good at), he somehow manages to surpass me in skill, making my achievements feel lesser.

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My spouse is a poet, too, an incredible one, but they can also draw, paint, play the clarinet, identify birds by their calls, etc.

"I think it's still taboo in a lot of places, if I was still up north I don't necessarily think I would be writing this, because I wouldn't be sleeping with people the way I am in the city," said Campbell who is from English River First Nation in Saskatchewan.

"In the north it's more isolated, you worry more about what people think, there's more religious influence …

Dear Suffocating, It is so difficult to lose a beloved to a glitch in their brain chemistry, and I’m sorry your wife is suffering from what sounds like a pretty intense case of hoarding disorder.

The cruelties you describe, the accusations she’s levied against you, are typical of the cries psychopathology makes when trying desperately to protect itself from external intervention.

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