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Over the next few pages we will look at a few categories. Then unwritten rules about Communication and Game Playing.

Finally, we will cover the rules of Inconsistent Behaviour and the Often Forgotten Rules of dating a player.

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That's because people who are "playing the field" are on a mission to live impulsively for awhile.

When it comes to dating, many people tie their self-worth to what others think of them or how other's treat them.

It's important to keep in mind that we live in a "me" culture, and on the whole, people are very hyper-focused on themselves. In other words, when someone acts selfishly in dating, you should focus on how this behaviour reflects on THEM as a person, rather then what it says about you. This is because deciding to stay at a cool emotional distance and "playing the field" is usually a product of getting your heart stomped on by another person.

Always approach dating a player like you would eating fast food: you KNOW it's kindda bad for you, but it tastes so frikken good going down.

Enjoy the salt and saturated fat-induced high while it lasts and always keep the following guidelines in mind.

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