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Initially, cabinet cards were made from natural raw bristol board, both front and back.But in the mid-1870s the backs were coated with soft off-white or even light pastel ink.

The book by Carolyn Kitch states, “Cluett, Peabody & Company, the firm that made Arrow Collars, received on average of 17,000 letters per month from women writing to the Arrow Collar Man, some of them proposing marriage.” In contrast, by James Gifford takes note of Leyendecker’s indifference to women in his Arrow Collar Man illustrations, thereby making them the “first American representations of gay sensibility to gain wide distribution.” A history of the Arrow brand can be downloaded from the website American’s Greatest Brands: article, “Detachable Collar & Tunic Shirt,” from the Morning Dress Guide website.

Period clothing is an important part of that environment from how it affects a person’s movement to their overall lifestyle. According to the Arrow shirt website, in the 1820s, Hannah Montague formulated the idea to remove the collars from her husband’s shirts for ease of laundering.

Soon after, Ebenezer Brown and Hannah’s husband, Orlando Montague, began manufacturing collars in the back of Rev. There are many conflicting accounts of what happened next from various sources.

Dating photographs is an issue we all struggle with as family archivists.

Additionally, anyone who writes about their family’s history should be aware of the environment in which their ancestors lived.

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