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It may be, however, that the Garner-Trueman portrait was taken in Chaddesden.

More distant members of the grooms family (pale blue) then complete the picture.The postcard format was first used for photographic portraits around the turn of the century, after which it rapidly superseded the carte de visite as the cheapest option available.The increase in size meant that large groups could be accommodated quite comfortably, although the difficulties in coping with lighting conditions indoors meant that formal portraits were taken usually on the steps of the church, or in the garden of the ensuing reception.I suspect that fellow Sepians will have a far better idea of such conventions in their own necks of the woods than I do, so I would welcome any contributions, either by email or as comments at the end of this article.Photography was used as a technique to capture wedding parties from as early as the 1850s, in the form of daguerreotypes.

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