Dating of speleothems

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And they offer evolutionary scientists an array of items aching to be radiometrically dated.

These include the inspiring stone decorations called speleothems—such as stalactites (on the ceiling), stalagmites (on the floor) and flowstone.

Because of the ‘dates’, evolutionists concluded that speleothems grew fast when they should not have grown, and did not grow when they should have!

Rather than discard the dates, most evolutionary scientists prefer to discard all ‘unorthodox’ speleothems, and use only the few that match their grand scheme of things.

In fact all North American karst terrains that have been covered by ice have similar characteristics.Of course, a simpler explanation is that the radiometric dating is incorrect and that the speleothems grew only the ice had melted.Another contradictory result was uncovered by scientists studying a speleothem from Arch Cave on Vancouver Island.They nonchalantly stated that the cave was “chosen for its proximity to the ocean so as to reflect a global climate history, and for its abundance of accessible cave deposits that were distant enough from the cave entrance and ground surface to mitigate any seasonal temperature effects.” In other words, they envisaged that speleothem growth on the ancient shore lines on the east coast of Vancouver Island would allow meaningful global correlation as the world’s sea level oscillated during the Ice Age—rising and falling as ice was locked on continents or melted.C) they reconstructed the paleoclimate from the speleothem, which was radiometrically dated at 12,500 years.

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