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As I said, people even teach their own children somethims, so what is the problem?I can't see it would be a problem..maybe it's considered a novelty did that comedy programme about the woman who worked in a travel agent and whose husband had left her have it as a theme and it was thought lovably quirky? However, it is a big decision—one that should not be made on a whim.Teachers are in a position of authority and are held to high standards of behavior by their schools, professional associations and other parents.I’ve got your email addresses so I can add them to an email autoresponder.Patreon has practically forced us to create another game in order to keep the page alive, so we can’t offer DMD there anymore.As much as I hate Patreon, they are the best and we might have to wait for a long while until we see some serious competition. I don’t know how long they will last, but at least those who didn’t like the censored game will be able to get the original one and also help us financially.

The child is no longer in the teacher's class, but was last year. It's not like a doctor dating a patient, after all.Be open and honest with your child about the possibility of dating his teacher.Ask him how he feels about it and don't try to persuade him to change his feelings.Ask yourself these questions: Is your child likely to suffer from teasing because of your relationship?Will it affect the way your child and her teacher interact with one another?

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