Dating mistakes women make with men

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She feels a DEEP level attraction that she hasn’t felt in a long time with anyone else. And then within the span of a very short time she finds herself falling for him.

He’s probably extremely good-looking, successful, has a great personality, funny and most of all, she feels a strong attraction for him.

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When you are willing to accept whatever crumbs he gives you because that’s all you think you can get, his perceived value of you also drops.

For example: a man who appears to “just be after sex”, may just be clueless with talking to women, and actually prefer to have a girlfriend.

Therefore you should never assume you understand how a man feels because often.. You may be missing a lot of great dating opportunities due to a lack of understanding of how men think.

There are much better ways than telling lies in order to attract and keep a guy hooked. They are not sure what they want, they don’t have a strategy and they often listen to their own misguided ideas about how to behave and act.

Not having a strategy will cause you to run around in circles, waste a lot of time, and be emotionally drained when things go wrong.

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