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If the woman does the same with his photo, then they can begin to interact.With a swipe to the left, profiles that are not of interest are discarded.Ramón says that “there have been several attempts to make a national application to connect couples, but in the end those that have an international reach haven’t taken hold, because many Cubans want contact with foreigners and with people who have emigrated.” On several national classified ad sites there are ads for “boy seeks girl” with all the possible variations of gender and number, but José Ramón believes that the Tinder experience is totally different, since it gets the adrenaline flowing because you can the users who are connected nearby and who are looking for a partner.“That means that from the beginning of the exchange of messages to the first kiss, it can be less than half an hour,” he says.The social dating network is sweeping the island and among young people it is one of the most used apps in the wifi zones, where it competes in popularity with IMO, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.“I signed up two months ago and I have already met several girls,” a young man with a degree in accounting and a job as a waiter in a private restaurant tells , as he looks for a connection under the screen name Victor Manuel.The excursions were very well planned and a great way…

From soup to nuts they were professional the whole way. This is a great company with excellent customer service, very helpful, professional, efficient, and personalized. Just getting her on the plane required a H11 visa, a tiny piece of paper that requires a Cuban background check to allow Cuban born people to enter the country.

The team at On Cuba Travel planned the perfect custom program for us! Everyone there is warm, friendly and helpful, giving tips to make your trip really special.

Carlos and Yaima at the Miami office were sweethearts and super easy to work with. They explained and prepared me for the visa application process, making it very easy and fast.

Tito’s routine includes reviewing photos and small biographies of network users around him.

When he sees a profile he likes, he touches the image with a finger and swipes right to ‘like’ it.

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