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This finding is consistent with another study showing that 47 per cent of US johns who responded to an online escort advertisement were willing to buy a child despite three warnings.According to a john interviewed for a research study, (Di Nicola, Cuaduro, Lombardi, & Ruspini, 2009, "Prostitution and human trafficking: Focus on clients") Some people have made the decision that it is reasonable to expect certain women to turn ten tricks a day in order to survive.Yet some who may not be familiar with the sex industry believe that legalisation will decrease the harm of prostitution, like a bandage on a wound.

" Women who prostitute have described it as "paid rape" and "voluntary slavery".This understanding of the realities of prostitution by the john and the woman he buys is at odds with the notion of prostitution as slightly unpleasant labour that should be legalised.Whether or not it is legal, prostitution is extremely harmful for women.Wouldn't there be less stigma, and wouldn't prostitutes somehow be protected?" Underpinning laws that legalise prostitution is the belief that prostitution is inevitable.

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