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And then another word essay about what you're looking for in a partner. Here's a rundown of the best dating sites that money can buy. The hot Premium Bonds from October's draw have been revealed - and it's brilliant news for two lucky men.In an interesting twist, for each individual criteria, such as age or height, you can choose to set how important these criteria are to you; and if they are also important to other site members, then you will be matched together. Tesco Aldi wants to open more than shops by and targets 'strategic' towns where it doesn't have a store The budget supermarket has branches in Britain - and has ambitious plans to expand. Start date and early predictions for the massive annual shopping event in the UK Black Friday is a few months away - but this is the official date you need to mark on your calendar if you want to score some bargains.Read Full Review I have just viewed the site to see what it is like and was actually very shocked when I immediately got so many contacts from my home area of Hereford and a lot of these ladies I can actually say that I would be very happy to contact.

If you want a buffet spread rather than a single souffle, you may want to look elsewhere. Aldi Aldi is selling a giant Yorkshire pudding filled with an entire Sunday roast dinner - and it's epic The Yorkshire pudding comes with roast chicken and roast potatoes stuffed inside.Renting Unexpected rent rises and not being able to decorate their homes are among worst bugbears for British tenants A detailed study of 1, British renters found that tenants were infuriated by not being able to decorate their homes properly. Murder Mylee Billingham murder: Child abuse Dad 'super glued baby's eyes and mouth shut to stop her crying before burying her under pillows' Johnnie Lee Carter, 29, was arrested after the incident at a Texas hotel nearly miles from the suspected crime scene.Labour Party Labour ban Julia Hartley-Brewer from party conference in row over radio host's 'safe space' tweet Julia Hartley-Brewer faced a string of complaints after she posted a five-second video - and branded the decision "Orwellian".East Enders 'Disgust' at East Enders' sex scenes as Keanu dons chauffeur hat in dirty game with Sharon - and then reveals he's just Inquests Young mum killed herself as partner and son slept upstairs after being sacked from her job at GP surgery.Courts Man who pushed Eurotunnel chief, 91, onto tube tracks claims 'he hadn't had enough sleep' Sir Robert Malpas was rescued after landing on the Tube line just a minute before a train arrived, a court heard.

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