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On the contrary, it is a model of governance that has served the Internet and individuals across the world extraordinarily well, leading to innovations and infrastructure development that may not have come about at all with a top-down model, and certainly wouldn’t have come as quickly.

It’s true that a multi-stakeholder approach puts many key Internet-related decisions in the hands of businesses, computer scientists, technical organizations and even end users, with a different role for governments than perhaps they are used to.

An open and accessible Internet is a major part of that process.The Internet has changed our countries, our regions, our world.But the Internet is not just important in terms of economic and social changes to our country or our region.The pace of technological innovation is fast and the results often so profound that there are understandable concerns.While more than 2.5 billion people have access to the Internet today, two-thirds of the world has yet to come online.

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