Dating in uk gay personals Video chat sites without registering

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Caffmos is one of the most established social networks and its speciality is older guys, after all, it does stand for Contacts And Friendship For Men Over Sixty.The creators at Caffmos say that “friendship matters” and it’s been designed in a way to help the flow of conversations.It’s all a bit anonymous to be a good social site for users.Great for lifestyle content not so great for social.

There’s usually between 6 guys on at any point and has a fantastic forum system, with people bringing up all manner of subjects for the community to discuss.It runs on Javascript or flash – which not every browser or user wants or has turned on.There doesn’t look to be a place where you can log in and create a profile.Help us deliver unique, usable and reliable journalism that supports the gay, bisexual and curious community of the United Kingdom. Publishers like us have come under severe threat by the likes of Google and Facebook.The problem is that advertisers are choosing to put their money with them, rather than with niche publishers like us.

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