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But no one knew where they were headed at the time and it could have ended up very different. In 1585, after a small scouting expedition had returned from North America with two Native Americans and many astonishing stories, Sir Walter Raleigh tried to establish a colony called Roanoke in the land which the British named "Virginia", in honor of Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen.A Map of the Colonies At the End of the Revolution A new Colonial Time Line Hargrett Rare Library Map Collection - Colonial America Boundaries of the Contiguous United States - Animation Other maps from the Colonial Period (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) Charter to Sir Walter Raleigh : 1584 Everybody remembers Jamestown, Capt. The site was actually an island on North America's eastern seaboard protected by the outer banks of what is now North Carolina's coast.They had not given enough thought to the perils that they would face in this unknown land. He had fought in France and Hungary, been captured and escaped.One of the settlers, however, was familiar with hardship and was committed to Jamestown's survival. Although his personality caused him some initial problems with the other colonists (he arrived in Jamestown in chains after alienating the leaders of the expedition) he eventually made contact with the local Native American chieftain Powhatan, who provided the colonists with much of their food in that first year. Smith was eventually even appointed leader of the colony.In 1676 the village of Jamestown was nearly destroyed during "Bacon's Rebellion." In 1788 Virginia was the tenth state to ratify the Constitution and recommended the Bill of Rights be added.

Most of those original Jamestown settlers were after profit, mainly riches in the form of gold and other precious metals.It lasted for approximately a year before the discouraged settlers returned to England.The Pilgrims were the first English colonists to permanently settle in New England in what we now know as Massachusetts. 16, 1620 the ship "Mayflower" set off from Plymouth, England on it journey to the New World.It took sixty six days to reach New England and the journey was very hard for these non-seafarers.When they arrived they anchored off the tip of Cape Cod, in an area now known as Massachusetts, and before they even set foot on shore they wrote, and all the men signed, an agreement called the "Mayflower Compact" that would set the rules to guide them through the early, hard times of establishing a new community.

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