Dating how to keep her interested

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If she continues to wash your dirty underwear and clean up the dishes, don’t take her for granted.At first, she will want to do them to make you happy.If you want to keep her interested, make sure that she always knows that she is your first priority.That doesn’t mean that you can’t go out with the guys, it just means that you should make her feel like she takes precedence over other things in your life.Get a new sex toy, plan a surprise vacation, or make a big deal out of her for no reason at all.The art of surprise is undeniably the best tip for how to keep a girl interested in you.Being comfortable with someone doesn’t mean that you should leave the bathroom door open or forget common manners. Regardless of how long you have been together, there are just some things that you should keep to yourself and remain a mystery. Nothing will turn her off quicker and cool things down more than if you start being selfish in the bedroom.If you want to know how to keep a girl interested, it is about trying out new ways to make her quiver and not always going for your own “O.” #5 Continue to be a gentleman.

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There are some courtesies that shouldn’t ever be overlooked, and being respectful is one of them.If you are too nice, you run the risk of losing her interest. If you play too hard to get, then she may find it just too exhausting always trying to get your attention.If you want to know how to keep a girl interested, then you have to mix things up once in a while and always keep her guessing. Even if you got her and you have professed your love for one another, it isn’t cool to let yourself go.The best way to do it right and understand how to keep a girl interested is to keep her guessing.Too often, guys get way too comfortable believing that a girl is going to love them forever, and so they stop putting in the effort.

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