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Move or Die was honored in September 2004 with the Vortex Prize at the first Mc Luhan International Festival of the Future.

Zapdramatic was named a winner at the Canadian New Media Awards, winning the "Excellence in Learning" prize for it's Professionalism and Ethics Simulation.

Zapdramatic was founded in July 2000 by filmmaker Michael Gibson and Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution experts Allan Stitt , Frank Handy and Lisa Feld .

Zapdramatic is a division of the Stitt Feld Handy Group.In April, 2005, Zap launched , an interactive animated adventure series, which challenges users to successfully negotiate with two ethically challenged siblings who are bound and determined to rationalize their way into a deadly collision with the Karma bus.Users from across Canada can log onto the Sympatico/MSN portal, beginning April 1, to play the first hair-raising episode.This collaborative process has helped Zap create challenging, engaging, user-friendly experience for all ages.Zap has also created licensed and customized online negotiation games for the corporate, professional and educational markets.

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