Dating for shy introverts

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You won’t find more shy singles anywhere than on Match.The site has had 42 million people sign up, and you can sort through them by personality traits and lifestyle habits as well as age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, education, and practically anything you can think of.I just never wanted to say or do something embarrassing, so I held back except when I was with my family and close friends.I’m not like that anymore, but there are millions of people who are.

The questionnaire, while long and tedious, offers great insight to who you are as a person and what you need in a partner.If you don’t plan to meet in person and just want someone to chat with, this site could be perfect for you.Single and Shy is not LGBTQ friendly in their search functions however and offers no ability to choose a sexuality when signing up.I’ve always been somewhat of a shy person, but it was real bad when I was a kid.I hated talking in front of groups, getting attention (even if it was for something good), and introducing myself to new people.

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