Dating for money

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If your finances are stretched, then speak honestly about the financial situation.

The solution is not to get another line of credit to keep up the lifestyle until you end up in bankruptcy.

Historically, the gentleman has been responsible for covering the expenses. I’m a huge fan of investing in myself, but I’m also frugal when it comes to courting. You can’t throw all of your goals out the window because your current partner has different views.

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Of course, depending on where you live, how attractive you are, and how many dates a week you are willing to go on, you could make more or less than what she earns.When we first enter a relationship, the money sense in us is pretty much switched off.We can make extravagant gestures, buy meals out in fancy restaurants, give bouquets of flowers and enjoy weekends in luxury resorts.When you’ve paid off a debt or joint savings have reached a certain level, then have a treat and reward your good work.If you are dating someone and living independently of each other, then a shared income is out of the equation.

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