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In fact, candlelit dinners and movies away from "home" onboard are almost un-gettable luxuries.That's why time together is pretty much spent in respective cabins -- or in front of coworkers.

With a mix, literally, of 50-plus nationalities, traditions, cultures and differences, there's both a positive and a negative effect.

One night, a Jamaican singer found out that his secret affair with an American singer was not so secret when her Italian band member boyfriend broke down the cabin door and beat him up.

And I'll never forget the interplay, so to speak, between a Bulgarian girl and two competitive suitors, as I witnessed her being taken over by a Greek safety officer and then taken back by her Bulgarian boyfriend -- with a hatchet.

On one two-week cruise, the Spanish flamenco dancer was seeing the captain.

One Belgian hostess was, for a time, sharing the Italian band leader's cabin (then later, the one occupied by the American host) and the English female singer of the duo was with the Italian saxophonist.

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