Dating for fit healthy people

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Getting pissed at a partner for being too health-conscious may be a way of saying “I don’t feel important enough” or “I’m worried you’ll leave me.” On the flip side, sometimes the healthier partner can guilt the other for binge-eating fries or skipping the treadmill.

Turndof says complaints like, “Why don’t you work out more? ” might be subtle ways of saying, “I’m not satisfied with who you are.”Ouch.

Research confirms couples who exercise together stay together longer and stay on track with their fitness goals.

Having a significant other who cares about their health and fitness isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you’re also dedicated to yours.

If your partner has always been dedicated to working out, there’s probably no reason for concern.

But if you’ve noticed a sudden new interest in personal appearance, including exercising more frequently, that’s often one of the telltale signs that your other half is cheating — or at least thinking about it.

And results of a recent poll could confirm this classic sign of infidelity.

But if the other signs are there, you’ve got a good reason to be suspicious.

Also, it might be fun (and sexy) to make getting in shape something you do together.

Goals like getting up for morning jogs, hitting the gym after work, or sticking to healthy meals can be tough.

While there is no way to affair-proof a marriage, there are plenty of things you can to do help keep your union healthy.

Making each other feel special and valued and embracing the art of forgiveness are great places to start.

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