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New Jewish Genealogy records are added on an ongoing basis.View records from around the world and submit your local Jewish Cemetery records and photos to help increase the Jewish Genealogy records and provide information for other Jewish Genealogy seekers.Shabbat, December 16th-17th, 2011Parshat Vayeshev Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills150-05 70th Road Flushing, NY 11367Experience a great schedule jam packed with delicious catered food, fun games and activities, exciting singles, and a Dvar Torah from Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld himself in a relaxed warm Kew Gardens Hills atmosphere.Davening, all meals, and exceptional hospitality will be hosted by the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills.I am quite impressed with this groundbreaking web site." Jewish Data is one of the largest professionally compiled Jewish Genealogy resources of its kind currently available.

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Orthodox Jewish culture and law calls for modest Jewish clothing and Orthodox Jews are looking for Jewish clothing stores that meet their needs.

But beautiful Jewish attire is also available to and worn by others throughout the world who are not of the Jewish faith.

Read on to learn more about where to buy modest Jewish clothing, and also learn about some of the culture and customs of the Orthodox Jews.

To learn more you can go to a number of online Jewish websites and many Jewish clothing stores.

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