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And what do you think (about yourself and others) when you start to sense the possibility of abandonment?You may find it helpful to keep a journal as you work through your thoughts and feelings about this topic.You may struggle to trust people, push others away when they start to get close or feel like the world is ending when a relationship doesn’t work out.Furthermore, you might unconsciously believe that your previous abandonment will repeat itself and that you’re destined to be left no matter what you do.This means that no matter what, you’ll never be truly abandoned.You’ll always have someone there to talk to, spend time with, and feel good around.All of these experiences mean that abandonment issupoes play a role in lowering your self-esteem.Consequently, when your confidence levels are low then you will struggle to live up to your full potential.

Try turning the positive statement into an affirmation you repeat.Many of us grow up with abandonment issues, and they can have serious, long-term consequences for our adult relationships.For example, you might constantly feel paranoid that your partner might leave you.We’ll explore what fear of abandonment typically involves, canvass signs of abandonment issues in adults, and look at five powerful strategies for overcoming this common problem.In a nutshell, fear of abandonment is anxiety that you feel about being left by others, even those who may seem reliable, or who may promise to stick by you.

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