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Threatening to abandon someone is not a healthy means of arguing.

It’s a manipulation tactic aimed to make an argument or situation end in the person’s favor.

” “You didn’t remind me.” “Nothing I do is ever enough.” Punishment by withholding: He refuses to listen, he ignores your questions, he withholds eye contact and gives you the “silent treatment.” He’s punishing you!

He may refuse to give you information about where he is going, when he is coming back, about financial resources and bill payments.

He steadily pushes you to the edge with his deception, sarcasm, and battering until you erupt in anger and then you become the “bad guy” giving him the ammunition he needs to justify his hurtful actions.He twists your words, he watches TV, or he walks out of the room while you’re talking.He criticizes you in a way that causes you to defend yourself and lose sight of the original conversation.If you are experiencing any of the following things, you’re in an emotionally abusive relationship: Accusing and blaming: He shifts the responsibility and the emphasis onto you for the problems in your relationship.He says things, like: “It’s your fault.” What’s wrong with you?

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