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See, kittens, a person who gets you will naturally understand why you feel the way you feel.They're not mind-readers, but they will have a general understanding of your emotional responses.She knows I've lost my confidence, so I'm turning inward.Or, if I'm fake-laughing and trying too hard to connect with a stranger I admire, she won't interpret it as flirting or being overly energetic.And I can feel it when someone doesn't get me, too.

A person who doesn't get you takes absolutely everything you say at face-value.

Even if their senses of humor are bitchy or they act super-serious and studious, they all have similar open hearts and solid core values.

They are reflections of all the different parts of me.

They won't see the intricate emotional nuances behind what outer emotions you're throwing out there.

If you're being sarcastic, they'll think you're being dead serious and take offense.

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