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As a serial monogamist, I love being in love and had always found my boyfriends (some who did propose but just didn’t feel right) the old fashioned way -- through friends, at a bar/club, etc.

So I joined e Harmony for a guy only to have him block me from no contact as soon as I subscribed and paid that ridiculous fee because I took too long to respond.

It got my thinking about the characters in my Sex, Love and Dating Disaster series.

Who are the characters I simply couldn’t live without in the series?

I met a man who made a wonderful friend but we would fight about having children all the time, it was like a loud broken record and eventually was a deal breaker. But FYI there’s always those sex dolls that are becoming very life-like and it’s pretty much the same thing for less money. Like a bad zombie movie, I went back to dating in real life -- even going beyond my self-imposed dating limits (no one shorter than me and at almost 5’8 my limit is 5’10 because of heels).

A horrible man with Napoleon complex ended up calling me a bitch during dinner because he was trying to mansplain how to take photos.

This guest post was originally postedon Amy's Bookish Life on Tuesday, May 10 as part of the #Lad Lit Blog Tour On Sunday, before taking my daughter over to the park to enjoy the rare bit of the London sunshine, I was watching a bit of Sunday Brunch (don’t judge me – I’m 38. ), and John Barrowman was talking about the series of YA books he writes with his sister, Carole.

At one point he was telling a story of how his sister called him up late one night in tears, crying that she simply couldn’t kill off one of the characters they had created because she had simply grown too attached.

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He is the little devil that lives inside each and every man, even though we might not show it quite as much as Jack.I never get bored of trying to come up with an Ollie one-liner that is even more ridiculous than the last! Dan Hilles With no Dan Hilles, there would be no Sex, Love and Dating Disasters.Dan is the main man of books – the unlucky-in-love fool who can’t catch a break! Denise Andrews Denise is without doubt the most unpredictable of characters I have written so far.Denise turns up in The Flood as one of the four women Dan ends up dating, and the fact she is known as a stalker tells you quite a lot already!Along with her ex-boyfriend, Ronnie (who by the way ends up stalking Dan too), I was never short of comical scenarios to stick her in. Jack Chatham Like marmite, you either love Jack, or you hate him, but I have nothing but love for the mouthy, little, cockney-wannabee who is always raring to take the mickey out of someone’s misfortune (normally Dan! Jack’s relationship with Ollie is another highlight to write, because it pits the big, gormless, giant against the sharp-tongued mini assassin!

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