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The smooth darker green side is the inside of the bag.I totally understand how pregnancy brain turns into tired-mommy-brain to busy-mommy-brain and that things can be forgotten.We will then schedule with you when your first delivery of diapers will be, which happens around 2 weeks before your due date. If you are just curios to learn about cloth diapering or our service you are welcome to attend one of our diapering classes for a reasonable fee. Your basic subscription includes a diaper pail, one pail liner and your set of cloth diapers.You can add to your subscription cloth wipes and diaper covers.At that time, the final diaper count audit is done and you’ll be contacted regarding any refunds or charges due.Remember, if any diapers are missing or damaged, we will need to recover the cost for these missing items.There is no shame in setting a weekly reminder alarm on your phone. Maybe not right away, but at some point you will go on a vacation.

Yes, when you receive your first set of diapers and your starter package you will be given a heavy duty diaper pail that is yours as long as you are using the diaper service. It has a “teddy bear cage” that can hold a carbon filter that allows airflow for the diapers (a MUST for a cloth diaper pail! With each delivery you will take your clean diapers out of your green delivery bag then use the bag to line the pail.

Please notify us by noon the day before your delivery of any changes.

We will gladly make accommodations for vacations (the following week), exchange sizes, add more diapers and/or products, etc., for the next day.

Use 100% natural cotton diapers, delivered to your door every week!

All the benefits of cloth diapers, with none of the hassle!

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