Dating depressed girlfriend Livesexwebchat

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I have hope for her and I want her to be able to see that there is hope since she didn’t always feel like this.

I am aware that’s not my job and that I can’t make her see anything.

This is a good explanation of what depression might be like for her. When you try to do things to try and make your depressed girlfriend happy, you are implying that the way she is right now, in this moment is not right for you.Every time you see them, they tirelessly try to play different music in an effort to bring your hearing back. At first, you might be flattered that they are trying to help you. Since they seem so intent on helping, you might try to explain the flaw in their plan by explaining that it doesn’t matter what music they play— the problem is that you can’t actually HEAR IT. You might also feel embarrassed that you weren’t able to please them by using their solutions and feeling the way they expect you to feel.That’s what it’s like for her when you try and help her remove these “blinders” you say she’s wearing.Never argue or disagree with whatever feeling or intense and overriding hopeless judgement your depressed girlfriend is making in the moment.Just quietly listen to her, look in her direction and let her talk it out if she wants to open up. Don’t add your opinion, advice, helpful suggestions or any analysis.

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