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There’s a good chance that Starbucks, Amazon, Google, Netflix, Apple, and other promising businesses are on that list… (This should eliminate any and all penny stocks from the equation, by the way.) Simplicity trumps complexity every day of the week.

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Oftentimes the best thing to do as an investor is to simply sit on your hands.My greatest investments haven’t come from obscure companies that few people have ever heard of.Netflix, Monster Beverage, Chipotle, Starbucks, and Panera Bread are among my best investments from the past 12 years.I’d bet that some of the best investments over the next 12 years will be companies behind products, services, or apps that you or your friends know and use today.All investors — especially newbies — should start by looking around and seeing which companies play an integral part in their lives. If you can’t figure out how a company makes money or explain the purpose of its products, you shouldn’t invest your hard-earned dollars.

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