Dating case knife logo

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Collectors’ forums and old catalog images are great resources for narrowing down the knife’s age.The easiest way to narrow down an age range for a Schrade knife is a glance at the knife’s tang stamp.Collectors use the changes as a way to determine the general age of a specific knife.The oldest of the tang stamps, used only in 1904, shows the words “Schrade Cut.Co.” on a straight line beneath it, followed by “Walden, NY” on a third line.

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Schrade Cutlery Company changed the tang stamp, or logo, numerous times over the years.Even Schrade collectors have a hard time pinpointing specific ages of knives, using print materials as a fairly good way to narrow things down.Some “old”-style Schrade knives are actually much newer than they seem, which could make it harder to verify their true worth.Taylor was later acquired by the Smith & Wesson division Battenfeld Technologies.Battenfeld still manufactures knives under the Schrade brand, including Schrade’s Imperial, Old Timer and Uncle Henry product lines.

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