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They tell you they want to meet in person, but first you must verify to prove you are “safe” or something along those lines. There are two primary ways this odd looking; strange credit card charge ends up on your statement: You meet someone online, and they express interest in you.Therefore, the scammer will sell your email on the dark web.As a result, you might see a high rate of spam and sooner or later, phishing attempts.Click Image to view full size It is too much to get into in this article. Then there is Fluffy Bunnies, a shell company operating in the UK. Combine the bad privacy policy, unknown companies with unknown security practices, and you have a great recipe for Identity Theft.

So, to make it a little less overwhelming, we’ve trawled the Internet for you and sought the advice of online dating expert Sloan Sheridan-Williams to find the 11 best online dating sites on the web. e Harmony take this match-making lark very seriously, making them one of the best online dating sites around. The experts say: This is a great site for those who are looking for personality matching.Before you call or visit you will want to know what you need to do to protect yourself – read and follow the instructions in the next section (What You Should do…). (When I checked it was, but that can change.) Before you enter any information, look for the http to protect yourself.What you do depends your circumstance – why you think the charge is on your credit card. Occasionally, the sites belong to an identifiable person (men) in Bangladesh. Since it is not possible for me to know how you got there, I cannot speak to your specific situation.The charges are completely hidden, or just hard to find.

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