Dating benalmadena spain

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As with much of Spain, the central market is such a focal point of daily life in Málaga that you have to see it for yourself.

Locals favour the stalls at Ataranzas for freshness, and because the prices are reasonable.

The structure was only rediscovered in 1951 and considering all its been through is actually in pretty good shape today.The broad, lush fronds of the towering palm trees provide ample shade over the three main walkways.There’s also something surreal about seeing ornate pieces of baroque and renaissance sculptures and fountains surrounded by subtropical plants.Several tiers of seating of the 16 metre-high cavea (spectator’s circle) remain undamaged and there’s a recently-opened visitor centre showing off some of the finds at the site including amphorae and everyday tools.The city’s cathedral took more than 150 years to build, and so is a kind of melange of renaissance and baroque styles.

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