Dating anniversary presents men

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If a ring is more to her liking try the blue lace agate and bloodstone silver ring on Blue Moon Gem Works website at If an African Safari is out of the question, why not do one of the African Wildlife Parks like the one at Port Clinton in Ohio or Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Park in Orlando Florida and spend some time enjoying each other and the elephants.You can find dahlias in a variety of colors including orange, salmon, bronze, apricot, yellow, crimson, scarlet, and lavender.The dahlia blossoms also come in several varieties some are double, some have pointed or spiky pedals and some rounded petals. They are colorful and last for a while so they make an ideal gift flower arrangement sent to your partner’s office so he or she can bask in the envoy of their co-workers on your anniversary day.There are many dahlia photos and prints for sale on Opals range in color from clear to white, gray, slate, olive, brown and black with some in shades of red, orange yellow green and blue.The dahlia is said to stand for dignity and elegance.Each dahlia plant will product loads of blooms from July until the first frost.

Gilletts has a nice selection of men’s opal rings at You can find lots of wonderful gold jewelry choices at local jewellers or department stores.If you want handcrafted jewelry try or for handcrafted gold jewelry sparkling with colorful jewels try Or go for a carved elephant or walrus or give an ivory colored gift.If you want to purchase an ivory gift there are alternatives to animal ivory such as “vegetable” (also called tagua nut) ivory and “mandarin” ivory which can provide just as stunning carvings as those from animal ivory.

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