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It shows that the relationship is relaxed and based on mutual trust.This is the classic hand-holding of the story we started with; it shows respect and devotion.Following her passion for understanding how we communicate without words, she founded the behavioral web lab, Science of People, where she studies some of the most common body language expressions.So, here are some of her interpretations regarding our hands and what we convey when we’re holding our partner’s.It denotes independence and individuality, but at the same time shows the couple's strong connections.According to Edwards, when we touch someone our body releases oxytocin, a chemical that produces happiness and comfort.

Well, unless the person doing it is not aware of the movement.This position allows you to play and caress the hand of your partner, which can also refer to a flirtatious relationship.This is probably the only one that conveys a negative image, as it may look aggressive, controlling, and give a sense of ownership, but that may depend on how you interpret it.As Edwards claims, this is pure flirtation and playfulness.It's a casual way to demonstrate commitment, since, unlike the subtle touch, here the fingers are connected in a strong bond.

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