Dating an uneducated man

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We've talked about marriage and he's said he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, but I'm in no hurry as I want to get to know him really well first.

There's one issue in particular I want to be comfortable with and please don't think I'm a snob but I can't ignore certain signs.

Could you share your interests in music and literature with friends and share your common interests with him?

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From what you say he also is a bit uncomfortable...

Both danger signs for a serious/long term relationship.

im sorry for saying snobby i guess im the old romantic who believes in taking someone for who they are and thats it if doubts are there then you really need to address this a yr is along time so maybe its time for that talk but regardless to education and interests myself and my dp have absolutely separate interests but this is ok for us we have our own thing to do rather than live in each others pockets gives us some independence but as for class were the same we live day by day and i now stay at home never had high education as such but have been made to feel worthless before but it wasn't an option for me to go further maybe your lives started different and your options were different but it doesn't make you bad people but it is a problem if this cannot be got past to be together and make your relationship work you dont sound like your completely mentally challenged in a way you need to be maybe everything else is great but if your not on the same level on a day to day basis is it really worth continuing or you could both go find someone more compatible to your required needs i also suspect that as you're divorced you are probably not going to settle for a unsatisfactory relationshipi imagine that this is also one of the reasons for your questioning whether things can work outi think that probably when you were youngerpre marriage and ddthis man would have been ideal for younow that you've moved on your outlook on life has naturally changed I am not sure about society being uncomfortable with relationships with non-traditional dynamics.

Like bubblagirl says part of the fun is finding out about each other's interests.

However i think this class thing matters to you very much and you seem quite aware/caught up in it.

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