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Polygamy, practiced among most Mande peoples since pre-Islamic days, was codified under Islam, which offered both protections and disadvantages.In Mande Muslim communities, the first wife has authority over any subsequent wives, sharing domestic work, and caring for the extended family, into which the wives' parents may be folded into the husbands family.However, many organizations have helped education for women in Africa as a whole, such as Africa Education Trust and Aid for Africa.In order for women’s education to be as equal as the men’s in Ivory Coast, the government must provide more schools for free, so that the people don’t think about financial issues once they put their child at school, and so the parents can afford to put both their sons and daughters in school.The legal changes following President's Félix Houphouët-Boigny death brought improvement in legal and educational opportunities for women at all levels, and women have been moving into the highest levels of business and government.

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According to CIA World Factbook, the literacy rate in Ivory Coast in total is 43.1%.Finally, the African slave trade, beginning in the 15th century destroyed whole communities, with women killed in slave raiding and associated warfare and those enslaved separated from families, and transported to the Americas (or to neighboring states) in brutal conditions.The beginning of the direct colonial period in the 19th century brought general dislocation, warfare, and large population movements, especially in the southern forest zones of West Africa, as the French moved in from the West and South in the 1860s–90s.By doing this, the child labor would lessen, but at least they’ll have a good education and in the future, they’re more likely to have a job.This will make the citizens of Africa’s lives much easier in terms of finances and education.

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