Dating an architect student

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"Put school behind you and focus on making work a learning place. If you are good at model making and you work in an office that uses these extensively – such as Pelli Clarke Pelli – then develop this skill.Do extra study at night and on weekends in both design and technical sides."What an architecture student should be aiming for is to become a better human space creator, not only a sculptor.We have seen a tendency to create monumental buildings, and there is nothing wrong with that, but a real modern architect should be focusing on creating habitats where sustainability is the central axis, not only for the people living in that space but for the community that will host this building as a part of its cultural and architectural identity."We, as architects, have the obligation to make every project about sustainability.Read two books: Robert Gutman's Architectural Practice: A Critical View, and Cesar Pelli's Advice for Young Architects.Gain mastery of the CAD programs of today – get ahead of the curve. Learn every part of practice from proposal writing to design, to construction documents, to specifications writing, to estimating, to project cost tracking, to construction administration."Above all do anything that crosses your desk gladly with no questions asked as professionally as you can. There are many different jobs in architecture: it's not just design.Understand that your sensibilities will change over time, which is the normal course in becoming a better architect." - Christian D. Contact on twitter at @hlwintl In school, you will have noticed where your strengths lie, and no doubt focused your course choices and internships on opportunities that expanded upon those strengths.

If you choose to give a discount, make it known or they'll think it was included. "Realize that even though you may be near the top on a construction organization chart, you may end up on the bottom of the change order pile if you alienate the contractors.

But it can also be daunting as a graduate to make sense of the architecture world outside university.

Architecture in the workforce is very different from what you do at school, and it can be difficult to see which opportunities will be the best for your career.

Always present your best work in your portfolio and be prepared to talk about the techniques and ideas you're most passionate about.

Seek out opportunities in firms that share your values and outlook.

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