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Russia knows the Algerian Army buys more weapons than it needs, that kickbacks to some generals are very lucrative.Gaid Salah has thrown dozens of entrepreneurs in prison on charges of corruption but no case has been brought to court.Were French and US leaders capable of strategic thinking and foresight they would welcome it and tell Gaid Salah, politely and strictly in private, that a democratic Algeria would comfort the position of the country’s powerful army, ensure its overall security, not least domestically, and give a huge boost to the much-needed economic reforms that could, in time, help to diversify the economy.Such a change could only comfort France’s long-term interests and those of Europe.Algerian students were in the streets already in a protest planned to coincide with the parliamentary gathering.

French officials know that were cases to be brought to court, many French companies would be shown to be the source of bribes.

August 22 marked six months since the beginning of the popular revolt, referred to as Hirak, against the regime, a revolt that took France, the European Union, the United States and Arab countries, including Algeria’s neighbours, by surprise.

The manner the crisis has unfolded has left seasoned observers and diplomats dumbfounded all the more.

Just imagine an Algeria that behaved in a more modern and less corrupt way.

Democracy could be contagious, to the horror of many, notably in the Middle East.

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