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Before we go: Above all, your approach to dating should be measured and cautious as you meet someone new, taking the time to gather information over a period of time to determine if this individual makes a good personality fit with yours.

The focus must be on delayed gratification early in dating, as opposed to wanting it all at this very minute.

This emotional hunger suggests that you don’t feel that you have a fulfilling social circle or extended family of your own.

Instead of hoping to submerge yourself wholeheartedly into someone else’s social group, make a conscious effort to beef up your own so that you don’t have to depend on a romantic partner to provide you with an overall sense of belonging.

They want to set plans for barbecues, dinners or social activities where they can meet all the major players in their date’s life – and they want to do it quickly.

Why you do it: Wanting to meet friends and family very early on is a sign that you want to blend your life quickly with your new date’s life.

As a parent, for example, I can’t tell you the number of times each week I tell my 5 and 7-year-old kids how smart, sweet and all-around awesome they are.

Play your hand cautiously in dating and you’ll achieve far more successful results in your relationships.Your self-esteem depends on whether she likes you or not.Rushing too quickly in dating has everything to do with how you feel about yourself.However, it’s not normal to constantly think about him or her.If you meet someone and find yourself thinking about him all the time – like, obsessively – you are sabotaging the relationship from the start.

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