Dating a younger guy

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With each passing decade, the dating world becomes a more inviting place for women.

Mariah Carey, Madonna, and J-Lo are taking full advantage of the liberated zeitgeist.

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At least, you may be enough years apart that cultural norms are different for him than they are for you.

He won’t have ex-wives calling at odd hours or custody battles to work out complicated childcare. Most younger guys have a more yielding disposition compared to their older counterparts. But beyond that, they’re more open-minded about relationships, love, and life. It can be an adjustment because you may expect pushback.

When you don’t get it, it can seem like he’s being “compliant.” He probably has fewer high-stress responsibilities than you, so it’s easier for him to be open with plans and ideas. They have many years ahead of them before reaching for the blue pill.

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"This is nothing compared to the long lines during the oil crisis," I say to my husband, Bronson, as he pulls into a particularly crowded Mobil station near the Holland Tunnel. Or could it be caused by something as shallow and immediate as a woman's not wanting anyone to think her date is her younger brother or, God help us, her son?

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