Dating a testicular cancer survivor

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Two days later, the urologist told me I had testicular cancer. I literally handed the phone to my doctor when I called my mom. He explained to me that as long as I had one testicle down there that everything would function fine and that I’d be able to have kids. After that, my tests showed that the cancer had not spread. After that you’re given a clean bill of health and you can move on with your life. We were looking for houses to buy, I had the engagement ring ready to go for when we were in the house together. We did the inspection on our home and that next morning is when felt the new lump. He explained to me that being a bilateral testicular cancer survivor is incredibly rare. After everything settled down, we did end up buying the house.

But about three years later, I felt a lump on my other testicle. There’s no explanation on why I got it twice other than I was just unlucky. That was the only way to know that I could have children down the road. Today, I go through testosterone replacement therapy. Every four months, my urologist basically inserts small little pellets — they look like prescription pills — under my skin. I was given a clean bill of health and the treatment plans.

Then the Testicular Cancer Society reached out to me.

I learned through that how much I can impact people and how just sharing your story helps other people know that there are people out there that have gone through this too.

I knew that I wouldn’t have any sperm to have kids. I had the surgery and found out again that the cancer did not spread. Those pellets release testosterone for a three or four month period. I proposed a year later; we were ready to start our life.

We enjoyed a couple of years of being married without kids.

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But because of my cancer, when we decided we were ready to have kids, we had to go through IVF.

The biggest delay in us having kids was us trying to figure that out.

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