Dating a rickenbacker

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See additional detailed photos and information regarding this particular guitar on pages 20-21 of “” (1995) published by Rittor Music, Japan. This guitar has a rare “matte” Fireglo finish found on some early 1960 models (see 330F Fireglo 1960, above).

This guitar is in near-mint original condition with its original HSC. This is one of the approximately 30 model 325 guitars made by Rickenbacker in 1958, and has survived in excellent shape with its original Two-Tone Brown finish. Along with the early Combo 450 model, the short-scale model 950 is one of the few Rickenbacker guitars with two pickups but one volume and one tone control. This early “Tulip” model – so called because of the shape of the body horns – has the “sax strap” ring and hook. This short-scale model has the least frets of all the short-scale models; as opposed to the 900, 950 and 310-325 models which were short scale with 21 frets, this model is short scale with 18 frets. This transitional 950 is finished in a rare non-traditional dark reddish brown color with a slight burst effect on the sides. It is all original with a short-scale neck, “tulip” body metal truss rod cover and plastic Kluson tuner buttons.

1958 Rickenbacker Capri 325 Autumn Gold – Short Neck Long Body.Its unusual length required a short “extension” piece to complete the bass horn.The production 325 guitars that followed had a body that was shorter by about 1.5 to 2.0 inches. stamped in the elongated jackplate is, a few numbers away from John Lennon’s V81 325 Capri.This guitar has a single gold pickguard, Combo-style pickup selector and tone selector switches, volume and tone knobs and a Kauffman vibrola.This early example also has a one-piece neck with no middle “walnut” stripe, an extra-long “crescent” soundhole and a wooden cap on the neck heel that extends over the body binding.

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