Dating a man more than twice my age woman dating women

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I've always had 110% support and if someone did have something bad to say, I would just tell them that I'm looking after myself, so they should concentrate looking after their own self.

We're not doing anything wrong and it's nobody else's business.

But the way I see it, what I'm doing doesn't affect them.

"I've never had any of my close friends say anything negative to me about who I date.

"So I was very aware that there was something there, and it seemed that older men would gravitate towards me when I was out, too.

"I don't see my dating as actual relationships; more like a mutual exchange. I've got a little network that I'm able to play upon, and sometimes I'll see multiple people at the same time. "One guy I've been seeing on and off for a good few years.

Not consistently, but we might meet up once a for a couple of months, and then cool it for a bit.

"The first time I slept with an older gent was pretty insane.

The whole evening consisted of champagne, good food and a decadent atmosphere.

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