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A few seconds into the kiss, I heard the sound of a group of guys laughing. I was so embarrassed that I kept kissing him because I thought that it would make it worse if he realised that I knew what was happening.

Only a couple of weeks later, I chatted to a dreadful guy in a bar.

A couple of days before April Fools' Day, the popular dating platform introduced a fictitious "height verification badge (HVB)".

"I have friends who have been fat-fished," explained one Reddit user. Why the hell should guys show their height if women won't show their weight? The backlash wasn't quite the reaction that Tinder's marketing team was anticipating, but this dating site user raised a valid point nonetheless.Of course, it's also worth pointing out that the online dating industry is rife with deception - and misrepresentations about height and weight are only the tip of the iceberg.Okay, so you may never have lied about the big three (height, weight, age) but what about the finer details?Are you really the intrepid adventurer that your dating bio describes, or are you in fact a home bird who went as far as Tijuana on her J1?Are you a bona fide fitness enthusiast, or are you still resting on your laurels after completing your first and only 5k run in 2015?

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