Dating a dyslexic harry styles and louis tomlinson dating

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Also - we have these big open wounds sometimes it’s good to know you’re more sensitive to things like being told you’re difficult to understand via text.That person would probably say that to anyone and isn’t a dog at your dyslexia.So it’s good for note taking but terrible for communication.I also reread everything I’m texting or emailing a million times (if it’s important).Letting them know that you are dyslexic early on is a healthy thing, since it's an important part of your life and you ultimately want them to know all the parts of you.I've really mostly only seen positive reactions or at least it's been met with healthy curiosity.a good dose of humor in the relationship certainly helps too..And then on your end, try to SHOW the effort to minimize any negative impact on your partner when it comes to being late, messing up dates/times.... Hopefully, your partner / potential partner will witness and understand that you are trying your best to make sure the "downsides" of the learning difference aren't negatively impacting their life..

As others have written here, being very OPEN in your communication with a potential or new partner is vital.I want dessert before the main course..appetizers in bed.I want make up sex before the fight and appetizers in bed, again...I also think it’s helpful feedback because it means he/she wants to read and communicate with you. My wife's got ADHD so it makes for quite some excitement!You nail it hear; being dyslexic often just means you've got to work harder to achieve the things others find easy.

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