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However, if it has been posted already and I've somehow overlooked it I apologise in advance for wasting your time.This little gem has Danni as a newbie sex chat line operator being coached by her supervisor Bonnie Luv on how to talk dirty - and believe me, the talk from both women gets very dirty indeed.She arrived at the studio the next day on time am and ready to work; a good sign that things would go smooth.

I arrived in the nick of time as this agent took 2 hr. He pulled out one roll of 120 contact sheet with 12 black and white shots on it.

David Hemmings straddled over Varushka like he was having sex. Best view ever of those classic boobs, and I have proof of it in pictures." I see that ntrl1one has been busy lately! Bungle, Gern shot two photo sets of Danni (Artist's Model DHD#10824 and Pixie in Purple DHD# 10852), on that first encouter on Aug 27, 1992.

There may have been a third set shot at the same time, I have never seen it published, but Gern claims he is selling prints from the the photo set (I am still working on getting at least some of them, hopefully all). I went back through my information and found I was in error concerning Danni's early photos.

"I'd worked for many years as what they call a house dancer, and then I became a men's magazine model, and did a lot of softcore videos. Once you have built a name for yourself, have magazine credits and video credits, you can become what's called a feature, and you tour around the country from club to club, city to city, as sort of the headline attraction.

You have themed 20-minute shows, and you are the reason people come to the club.

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