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A boy could be heard pleading, “Who’s shooting, Dad?

”Even after the suspect was killed, the situation remained chaotic, with police responding to 911 calls of an active shooter and rushing through the shopping center with guns drawn.

His body had been laid out on cushions at home as Miss Lapper (right, with Parys) cried, hugged and kissed her son for eight hours before the cremation.The explosion of violence sparked such chaos that police initially reported that there were two shooters in separate vehicles, though they later said that wasn’t the case.Photos from the highway showed cars with bullet holes in the windshields.Alex Woods told CNN he was driving up to the mall and saw police swarming the theater area.“I just see a bunch of gunfire going off and I see the officer walking up to the mail van and discharging his weapon into it,” Woods said.“It was a very surreal moment.”Authorities did not say why troopers tried to pull over the gunman’s vehicle.

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