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I didn't use it on the Pennine ride mainly because I found the charging and memory issues too much of a bind.With an 8Gb card I can record for about 120mins and the battery gives a similar length of time before it gives out.MORE: Another Bicyclist Killed: 18th To Die This Year After Being Struck, Killed By Truck In Brooklyn One woman told CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez she saw the crash from her apartment window. “I’ve heard a lot about the different cycling accidents this year. The damage left behind left locals convinced the teenager was speeding. Surveillance video from a nearby bakery shows a grey car traveling southbound on Coney Island Avenue, running through a red light at the intersection of Avenue L. MORE: Heartbroken Family Demands More Enforcement Of Bikes After Cyclist Kills Pedestrian In NYC Hit-And-Run Crash Gifter said he was walking to his car when he heard the collision. “There were a lot of good Samaritans pulling the car off. The 39-year-old driver of the SUV and another 52-year-old man were hospitalized but are expected to be fine.I do use it while cycling locally and find it cathartic to replay and post some of the crap driving I came across. So I bought a secondhand Contour HD bullet cam from e Bay for about £160.00.I chose this one as it has good reviews, is self contained, robust, weatherproof and has a variety of mounting attachments.Watch my 3 minute video: The bicycle has an incredible ability to reconnect people with our natural instincts.Disconnecting from your Smart Phone, being out in nature, catching up with friends, and improving mental and physical health all at the same time.

However, I am also sometimes a little geeky (although rarely sad) so it kind of fits.

I had visions of making a great little web movie to demonstrate what I wonderful time I'd had and some Point of View (POV) footage would constitute just one element of my movie masterpiece.

I also knew some cyclists were using cams' in the battle with other traffic and after a few close calls I'd decided to join them.

So on a 6 day trip I would obviously need to download the footage and recharge the battery frequently.

Both things done via the same USB lead which requires a laptop or similar device plus regular mains electricity access - something I was not prepared to countenance.

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