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You can use your favorite tool.) Well, I have to admit Lakers are not playing very well these days. I get this “6 consecutive losses” by manually counting from the last played match all the way up (towards earlier games) and see how long an “L” (meaning a loss) in Can we do this with a single SQL statement?I am not an SQL expert and I haven’t been able to figure out how to achieve the desired result (“6 consecutive losses”) from one SQL statement. We can retrieve the game data (particularly, the column) for current season and do a traverse on the records to calculate the current longest win/lose streak.Let’s create the first SP in My SQL Workbench as follows: In this SP, we have one input parameter and two output parameters. In the SP body, we also declared a few local variables to hold the streak status (win or lose, (the latest played games will have the highest ID) descending.Though not displayed explicitly, we can imagine that this dataset will contain a series of “L”s and “W”s.

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The official documentation on cursors is located here.Based on the data shown in Figure 2 above, it should be: “LLLLLLWLL…” (6 Ls, 1 Ws, etc).To calculate the win/lose streak, we begin with the latest (and the first in the dataset) match data.I need the same attribute information for each row the fields. Update Cursor(fc2, field3) as cursor: for row in cursor: row[0] = 'Q' cursor.update Row(row) with Search Cursor(fc2, field5) as scursor: for srow in scursor: sval = srow[0] urow = urow[0] = "0" sval.replace("-", "") ucursor.update Row(urow) I have a function I call all the time for doing this, but first, you'll need a common field to join by.From the screenshot, looks like you have a one to many relationship between the fields with several road names (import arcpy import os FIELD_TYPES = def Copy Fields(source_table, in_field, join_table, join_key, join_values=[]): """ Copies field(s) from one table to another Required: source_table -- table in which to add new fields in_field -- a field that has common values to a field in the join_table.

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